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Our wireless clip on clip off, cloud-based technology allows you to visualise energy use, optimise costs and investments, and enhance performance from wherever you are.

Installing our Panoramic Power sensors provides real-time visibility on power usage plus valuable historical comparative data. Breaking down consumption to pinpoint and test potential solutions, allows businesses to strategically reduce and manage their energy use. The set alerts and automated reports, ensure that break downs and deviations can be quickly observed and actioned.

The mobile App empowers you to monitor, manage, and optimise your energy usage from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Alerts can be set to advise on power outages, equipment breakdowns, HVAC and refrigeration issues, as well as out of hours use.


With more than 30 years’ experience across the building industry, we understand the complexities of older aging buildings and their impact on energy use.

Operational excellence and cost management are the core focus of all organisations. Managed well, energy can help to drive your business efficiency and power performance.

We help you to deliver value, reduce costs and get the most out of your resources with data-led decision making that optimises your energy supply with integrated energy solutions – helping you realise your pathway to commercial success.

Sustainability in schools

Related: Monitoring | NABERS

Our extensive knowledge in helping solve the energy challenges experienced by education institutions ensures maximum return on investments, increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, we have developed a highly respected STEM program that also enables students to access and use their school’s live energy data with PowerBI’s dynamic dashboards. We also supply a range of testing samples which allow students to assess and prove the value of energy reduction products within their own environment.



Related: Monitoring | Sustainability

Optimum Control Technologies were part of the advisory group for the recently introduced NABERS energy rating system that is to affect all schools in Australia. We fully equipped to help you obtain a rating that will position your school relative to other schools in sustainability.


NABERS for Schools quantifies your campus’s energy and water performance. We give your school a rating from one to six stars, based on the energy and water efficiency. Your NABERS rating can then be used to identify areas for future cost savings and building improvements, as well as to promote your school’s environmental credentials. 

NABERS Energy and Water ratings for Schools consider factors unique to your school campus to ensure a fair, like-with-like comparison. Depending on your rating type, some of the parameters considered include: 

  • Gross floor area 
  • Students enrolled 
  • Full-time equivalent employees 
  • Site area 
  • Climate and location 
  • Swimming pools 

Contact us for assistance in obtaining a NABERS rating for your school